Krishna Chaitanya
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Ever fascinated by the stories of Gulliver Travels and Thumbelina we have recreated the magic for you to experience being a Gulliver or thumbelina. Well, experience the sense of being a Gulliver for two days in VVIT exclusively on The miniature street. A host of exciting events await you. Rock the miniature world and become a giant in the world of miniature.



This is an event where puzzles will be given and one has to describe the given puzzles in the form of a photograph. Puzzles can be in the form of songs, phrases, objects or words. One is free to interpret the given puzzle with any tone and is expected to click a photograph based on it.


  • This is an individual event to be solved within a maximum time limit of 3 hours.
  • The participants must bring their own cameras.
  • Picture composition is more important than quality of image.
  • The photos must be your own original work.
  • The photos must be clicked only during allotted time.
  • The decision of judges and event head will be final.