Padma Priya
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In this street, there will be a display of all the superheroes that we are fond of. Our childhood is connected to cartoon channels where we enjoyed a lot imagining ourselves as those cartoon characters. In this theme, we can experience the same thing with the cartoon characters that are displayed. Apart from the display of our favorite superheroes and the cartoon characters, we can witness the gadgets that are used by our superheroes or power rangers.




  • This is a team event with a maximum of 2 contestants per team of same college.
  • The context for design will be revealed at the time of competition.
  • The teams are expected to design a logo/banner/poster in a given time related to the theme.
  • The decision of judges and event head will be final.





  • This Contest is to bring out the creativity in the participants by designing the masks of specified cartoon characters or the legendary super heroes.
  • The character is chosen randomly by the participant.
  • All the required items/amenities will be supplied to the participants.
  • Time will be counted and the design which is best and looks stunning will be awarded.
  • The decision of judges and event head shall be treated as final.


  • This contest is for both individual and team entries.
  • The participants have to imitate the roles of cartoons which is chosen by the participant randomly.
  • The participant have to mimic the character within the time slot given.
  • The judgment is based on the creativity, acting and the skills to mimic the role as it is.
  • The decision of judges and event head shall be treated as final.