About Us


Welcome, dear traveller, to the intercollegiate techno-cultural festival of VVIT, VIVAVVIT 2021-2022! Without further ado, let us dive down and explore! 

The VIVAVVIT celebrates excellence - in the field of arts, pursuits both physical and scholarly.

VVIT has always strived to be a torchbearer for holistic education since its inception 14 years ago. 

The end-of-the-year fest provides a platform for students to showcase the co-curricular activities they've mastered throughout the year.

Browse and participate in any of the technical, cultural, or athletic events listed on our website!

Our mission is to facilitate a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and experience with the surrounding institutes. Creating opportunities like VIVAVVIT, we believe, plays a significant role in us dovetailing tomorrow's leaders - Brimming full of zeal and vigour.