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  • When is VIVA VVIT 2019-20?

    The fun starts at 9.00 am on December 21st. The hungama continues to second day. We bid you a heavy farewell on December 22nd at the closing ceremony in the evening.

  • Who can participate?
    • Students from all engineering colleges across the nation who are pursuing B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA & Degree.
    • Only passed-out students of VVIT are allowed if they come with their B.Tech I'd card.
  • What is the entrance fee?

    Absolutely zero. We never charge you a dime for participating in any of the events. However if any event requires material (T-Shirts in Painting for example), you have to arrange for your own.

  • How do I get to VVIT?

    VVIT has abundant transport facilities from Guntur and Vijayawada. Our buses ply from various towns in the morning. You can board them for free of cost. For more details contact our transport coordinator Basha - 7901619953.

  • Can I get any accommodation?

    Athidhi devobhava. Please let us know if you need any accommodation by filling this form. We will arrange it for you!

  • Great! How do I register?

    There are 4 types of registration. If you are just a visitor, register yourself as such. But if you wanna participate in any of the events, do register for one or more of the culturals, technicals and sports

  • I have few questions. Who can help me?

    Feel free to call and talk to relevant student coordinators in this link.

  • I love/hate VIVA VVIT 2019-20? How can I say it?

    We are always happy to listen to you. Please tell us what you think about our fest by clicking this link


VVIT started national level youth fest since 2008 with just 240. It has grown from strength to strength numbering thousands. It has grown from a regional to a national event. This fest has provided a platform to enable them to involve and show their interests and hobbies to the invited gathering of students.   This has in turn increased their confidence, and event management skills and made them feel proud about being involved in the events.

We would like to take it to greater heights by incorporating more events and enabling the students to take the reins of the organizing as well as the decision making process in the fest in a bigger way. The fest is a doorway for learning as well as an entertainment for the students.

Dreams of the students are never-ending just as the outer space has no limit. They follow their passion to fulfill their dream by taking part in various competitions for self-encouragement and enrichment.